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What does DETAGGING mean?

As a Nominet member, when you DETAG a domain name, you are informing Nominet that you want nothing further to do with a domain name. Typically, DETAGGING will occur in advance of renewal when you have been unable to confirm that the registrant wishes to renew the registration. In these circumstances, you can DETAG the domain name prior to the date of renewal in order to avoid receiving an invoice for a renewal fee, which you cannot subsequently charge to your customer. Nominet will then take over the task of contacting the registrant to check whether they want the domain name to be renewed or cancelled.

How can I DETAG a domain name?

A Nominet Tag Holder can DETAG a domain name using the Automaton by sending a PGP-signed email to the appropriate address (listed below) with the subject line Release:


Each request should be separated by a blank line and contain the Tag DETAGGED in the ips-key field. When DETAGGING a domain name, you should always enter the current name, address and contact details of the Registrant in either the admin or billing fields, which will help Nominet to contact the registrant to find out whether they wish to renew their domain name registration.

Example Request

To: auto-co@nic.uk
Subject: Release
key: wrong-domain.co.uk
ips-key: DETAGGED

When should I DETAG a domain name?

DETAGGING normally occurs in advance of a domain name coming up for renewal. However, a Nominet TAG Holder can also choose to DETAG a domain name at any point during the registration period. As a result, services associated with the domain name will cease to operate, and we will assume that the member no longer has the registrant's authority to act as its agent for the domain name.

TAG holders receive renewal notices (a list of the domain names bearing their Tag which have come up for renewal) upon request, three months in advance of the renewal date. After receiving this advance notification, you should establish which of the domain names you want to renew. You should DETAG any domain name that you do not wish to be renewed, and where appropriate, you should advise the registrant to complete and return the Nominet surrender form. To receive this advance notification send an email to billing@nominet.org.uk, giving details of account number, TAG(S), email address receiving the notification, please quote subject 'Advance Notification'.

Why is it necessary to complete the surrender form after DETAGGING?

In cases where the legal registrant does not wish to renew their domain name, we can only take their authority for a cancellation. Therefore, unless the registrant returns a completed surrender form, Nominet seek to make contact with them to ask if they want to renew their registration, which may be a lengthy process. Nominet will try to collect the renewal fee for all DETAGGED domain names that are due for renewal where a completed surrender form has not been received. This process is lengthy and time consuming, and in cases where the ISP has already established that the Registrant no longer wishes to maintain the domain name, it is unnecessary. It therefore makes sense to surrender the domain name so that it is available for registration by someone else.

How can my customer surrender a domain name?

Your customer should write to or fax Nominet with a cancellation instruction. In the letter, they need to state that they no longer require the domain name and that they want it to be deleted from the register of .uk domain names. If they have the registration certificate for the domain name, they should complete the surrender section on the reverse of the certificate, and send it in with a confirmatory letter (where the name is registered for a company this should be on letterhead paper). If a registration certificate has been issued, we will also ask the registrant to produce it at the point of surrender.

How long does it take for an un-renewed domain name to become free for registration by someone else?

We will make every effort to contact the registrant to ask their permission to cancel the registration - the speed of this process depends on the accuracy of the information in the Register. Once Nominet has contacted the registrant and confirmed that they no longer require the domain name, the registration will be suspended after 21 days and then cancelled within 6-8 weeks.

What happens to a DETAGGED domain name?

When a domain name is DETAGGED, the name servers associated with the domain name will be removed. This will mean that all services previously associated with the domain name, for example web site hosting and email forwarding, will cease to operate. The domain name registrant can then either arrange for the renewal fee to be paid and the domain name RETAGGED to an alternative ISP, or, as is often the case, the domain name will simply fail to be renewed and it will then be cancelled for non-payment.

After DETAGGING occurs, the domain name will exist in the Nominet register database until it becomes due for renewal. Nominet will contact the registrant in order to find out whether or not they wish to renew the domain name. If the registrant then wishes to renew the domain name, they must either move to a new provider, or move their registration to the NOMINET TAG, and then pay the appropriate renewal fee. Renewals for domains associated with the NOMINET TAG will be charged at the non-member rate of £80 (plus VAT).

What happens if I DETAG a domain by mistake?

If this occurs, you will need to get your customer to write to or fax Nominet asking them to reinstate the domain name onto your TAG.

How do I move a domain name that is DETAGGED onto a new tag?

To RETAG a domain name that is currently marked as DETAGGED, the legal registrant must write to or fax Nominet UK requesting us to move the domain name onto a new Tag. As long as there are no outstanding debts associated with the domain name, Nominet will RETAG the domain name in accordance with the registrant's request.

What happens if there are any outstanding debts on a domain name that is RETAGGED?

Where there is a debt associated with the domain name, RETAGGING will only be permitted if the new ISP (whose Tag the domain name is being moved to) confirms to Nominet (by sending a PGP-signed email) that they are happy to pay the outstanding debt. Otherwise, the registrant will have to pay the debt associated with the domain name at the non-member rate before it can be RETAGGED.

What happens if the original ISP refuses to release the domain name to a new ISP?

If the original ISP refuses to release a domain name from its TAG, it may be because the ISP has the contractual right to prevent the registrant moving to a new ISP. This usually occurs if there is an outstanding debt or moving the domain name requires payment of a release fee. If the ISP refuses to release the domain name, the registrant needs to contact Nominet with proof that the original ISP is refusing to move the domain name. Nominet will then seek to establish if the ISP does have the right to prevent a Tag change from taking place, and if they do, whether the terms and conditions were properly incorporated in their contract with the registrant. If the original ISP has no basis on which to retain the domain name, Nominet will RETAG the domain name on behalf of the registrant. If a valid contractual right exists, Nominet will not be able to assist with moving the domain name to a new TAG.

Can I stop being the agent for a domain name, without stopping its name service?

The only way to leave a domain name on your servers and stop your Agency agreement with the registrant would be to move the domain name to the NOMINET TAG. If the domain name is moved to the NOMINET TAG, name service will continue but you will no longer remain the Agent for the domain name and you will not be able to administer the domain name on behalf of the registrant. (This may be an issue if at a later stage you wish to remove your name server details from the registration but can no longer do so because your TAG has been removed from the domain name). Once the domain name is associated with the NOMINET TAG, the Registrant will have to pay the non-member renewal rate of £80 (plus VAT). You should advise your client to either pay Nominet the higher rate, or find another ISP.

How can I move a domain name to the Nominet TAG?

An ISP cannot move a domain name to the NOMINET TAG. Instead, the registrant must write or fax Nominet asking them to move the domain to the NOMINET TAG. Before completing this request, we will first establish whether there is a contractual basis on which the ISP can prevent this request (see "What happens if the original ISP refuses to release the domain name to a new ISP" above).

What's the difference between a Nominet TAG and a member TAG?

The only difference between the NOMINET TAG and a member TAG is that that domain names associated with the NOMINET TAG will be billed at the non-member rate of £80 (plus VAT).

When does Nominet invoice Tag Holders for renewals?

Nominet will invoice you at the end of every month. This invoice covers both domain names registered in that month, and those that are due for renewal in that month. It is important to note that Nominet will not write and ask you to DETAG domain names that you will not be paying for. Nominet expects all members to DETAG domains they do not wish to be invoiced for before midnight on the last day of the month of renewal.

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