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  From December 2002, Nominet is proposing to alter the way in which it deals with changes of registration agent so that it can automatically effect a change of agent at the request of a domain name holder.

A change of registration agent is known as a tag change. The majority of tag changes (over 90%) are carried out automatically by Nominet members using our automated systems, however, a handful of cases are contested and are often referred to Nominet for manual processing.

Nominet is asked to make tag changes when the current tag holder is either unwilling or unable to act upon the domain name holder's request to move to a new agent. In other words, where the domain name holder has asked the registration agent to move their domain name, but the current agent has refused or failed to respond.

Until now, Nominet has assisted domain name holders to move to a new agent where possible, but in certain circumstances where the contract between the domain name holder and registration agent has an express clause that allows the agent to withhold permission for a domain name to be moved, Nominet has not changed the tag change.

After consideration of legal advice and with the agreement of the Policy Advisory Board, from December 2002 Nominet is proposing change to its policy in respect of the following:

  • In the proposed new Tag Holder Agreement (the contract between Nominet and registration agents) the Tag Holder can no longer object to making a tag change promptly on the request of a Registrant.
  • In the proposed new Terms and Conditions it is made clear that any sums owed by a registrant to its agent will still be payable, even if the tag has changed.

However, in the event that the registration agent does not perform the tag change, Nominet will effect this for the Registrant. Nominet will make a small charge on a cost recovery basis for making this change, although details of the fee have yet to be finalised.

Nominet believes the change in the policy will result in a fairer deal for Registrants while still enabling Tag Holders to recover any sums owing to them.

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