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  In principal I feel the changes are a good thing. I suspect most of us have had the experience of waiting for a considerable time for a domain to be released and the new customer whose anxiety goes through the roof when things don't happen in a timely manner. So anything that can help avoid that situation is a good thing.

However, in the case where a domain registrant has not paid monies owing to a tag holder, if the registrant has the ability to move the domain without paying said funds, the tag holder could be in for an expensive time trying to recover the funds, this would not be acceptable.

I would suggest that the tag holder should be given the ability to object, if they do not respond, then the onus is on them. But a mechanism should be in place so the tag holder has the ability and right to refuse to release a domain on certain grounds.

So if a registrant applies directly to Nominet to have the tag changed, I feel Nominet should give the tag holder the time to object, say five days. That way Nominet can evaluate their tag holders position. After all we all pay a membership fee and joining fee become member of Nominet, what is that for? We don't want non-members having more control than members do we?

Nick Mallinson BSc

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