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  Member Number: M02720


We are a small company who will be effected by this proposed change in that the 'holding' of the domain name is the only viable method of securing payment. We do not use merchant accounting but Invoice clients allowing 14 days to pay for domain name and web hosting they have purchased and agreed to pay for. Our Terms & Conditions state that the domain remain our property until the Invoice is paid.

To take legal action to recover costs under these proposed changes will cost us money as the costs of a failed legal action will seriously damage our business. I can not see that there can be a legal challenge to holding onto something whilst awaiting payment you are legally entitled. If I take my car to the garage and then try and remove it without paying I get a short sharp response from the garage owner!

Unfortunately the chances of these changes not being made are remote. The silver lining is that members who charge extortionate 'transfer' fees for moving a domain will now have to try and reclaim the money through the court ....... or are you saying that is legal?

Peter R Hawkes

PMH Internet Services

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