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You can change the billing status of Domain Name Registrations in any of the following Second Level Domains (SLDs) by sending a formatted e-mail message to the appropriate address, with the subject line "Modify":

  • .co.uk auto-co@nic.uk
  • .org.uk auto-org@nic.uk
  • .net.uk auto-net@nic.uk
  • .ltd.uk auto-ltd@nic.uk
  • .plc.uk auto-plc@nic.uk
  • .sch.uk auto-sch@nic.uk

Each request should be separated by a blank line and uses the key, first-bill (for initial registration fees) and/or recur-bill (for renewal fees) fields - click here to view field definitions and an example request.

Registrations containing the value of "bc" in the first-bill or recur-bill field will be invoiced at the full rate of £80 plus VAT, direct to the Registrant. The value of "th" - which is also the default - will generate an invoice at the discounted rate of £5 plus VAT (provided that the Tag Holder is also a Nominet Member) sent direct to the Tag Holder.

Requests must be submitted prior to the first day of the expiry month of the Domain Name registration concerned in order to ensure that renewals invoices are sent to the correct recipient - for example, for registrations expiring in August 2000, changes must be submitted to the Automaton by 1200 midnight on 31 July 2000.

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