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Proposed Terms and Conditions

  These instructions should help you to complete the direct Domain Name application form.

This form is for direct registrations only and is NOT to be used by Nominet Tag Holders who can register domain names via out automated system.

All customers wishing to register direct must pay for their Domain Name registration in advance by credit card only. Once payment for the name has been received by Nominet, it will take up to three working days to register the name.

The following instructions refer to the relevant section of the application form:

Section 1 - Requested Domain Name

The total length of the Domain Name (including suffixes such as co.uk) should be no more than 63 characters. The only characters allowed in a Domain Name are lowercase letters, digits and '-' (the hyphen character). A Domain Name CANNOT begin or end with a '-'. For further information see section 3.5 of RFC 1034 which can be found at www.nominet.org.uk/txt/rfc1034.txt.

Section 2 - Organisation requesting the Domain Name

The Domain Name is considered to be registered to an organisation, even if the organisation is an individual.

Item 1c, identifies the applicant's organisation type. If the organisation is listed on the Register of Companies at Companies House under the Companies Act of 1985 in Great Britain or on the Register of Companies at the Northern Ireland Companies Registry under the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 then the registered number of the company must be given in Item 1d.

Section 3 - Administrative Contact

The Administrative Contact is the person representing the organisation listed in Section 1. The administrative Contact should be from the end-user organisation. For more detail on Administrative Contacts see RFC 1032 which can be found at www.nominet.org.uk/txt/rfc1032.txt.

Sections 4 & 5 - Technical and Billing Contacts

The Technical Contact is the person who maintains the domain name's primary name server, and database files. This person keeps the name server running and interacts with technical people to solve problems that affect the name. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) will often perform this role.

The Billing Contact will be sent invoices for registrations and renewals. It is the Billing Contact's responsibility to ensure timely payment.

By using the default option, "Same as admin contact", the Administrative contact will be responsible for Technical and Billing functions. In this case, no further contact details are required.

Every Contact is REQUIRED to provide at least one valid telephone number in item "c". For informational purposes, you may supply a fax number in item "d".

A valid Internet email address is REQUIRED for all Contacts in item "e". Separate the username and hostname parts of the mailbox by an "@" symbol.

For example:


The Technical or Billing Contact address can be selected as being the same as the Organisation address or the Administrative Contact address. If the address is to be different then a full address will be required. The organisation name is REQUIRED in item "g". At least one line of address information is REQUIRED in item "h". This address should be the postal mailing address for any correspondence directed to the Contact.

For UK addresses, the postal code is REQUIRED in item "k".

Sections 6 & 7 - Name Servers

At least two independent name servers MUST be provided.

You should only list name servers if you have the permission from the owners to do so. Listing name servers without the explicit approval of the owners is not only unethical, but can cause operational problems for the name servers listed.

The servers should be active and respond to Domain Name System (DNS) queries for the domain before this application is submitted. Incomplete information in Sections 5 and 6 will result in a returned template. Most ISPs can provide one or more name servers if you do not have your own. Please do NOT supply IP addresses or URLs in sections 5a and 6a.

Please ensure that you fully understand these instructions before completing the direct registration form.

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