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Rules for the suspension or cancellation of a domain name
How the DRS works
Using the DRS
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If you - as the Complainant - wish to invoke the Dispute Resolution Service, you need to:
  • Make a formal request in writing to Nominet UK.
  • Specify under which of Nominet's published Rules you are asking Nominet to act, the most commonly relied upon one is Section 3.5 that states:

    NOMINET UK may cancel a registration or suspend delegation of a name:

    • if the name is administered in a way likely to endanger operation of the DNS
    • if the basis on which the name was registered has changed (e.g. the organisation making the application no longer exists.) This does not include a change in the UKNIC rules for names subsequent to the name being delegated but does include the case where the automaton failed to correctly apply the existing rules
    • if it is drawn to NOMINET UK's attention that the name is being used in a manner likely to cause confusion to internet users.
    • where NOMINET UK has been informed that legal action has been commenced regarding use of the name
    • where NOMINET UK is of the opinion that one of the above events is likely to occur.
  • Provide full details of the cause of your complaint, explaining clearly which ground in paragraph 3.5 of the Rules you wish to reply on.

You may wish to seek legal advice before contacting Nominet (for example, for help with drafting correspondence) and/or to instruct your lawyers to contact Nominet on your behalf.

Once Nominet has received a formal request from a Complainant it will open a Dispute Resolution file and start to gather the relevant documentation concerning the dispute. Mediation, by its very nature, takes some time to complete and Complainants should be aware that the average dispute file is open for up to three months.