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Disputes account for a small proportion, less than 0.05% of all registrations in the .uk Top Level Domain. However, a dispute may arise when one party feels they have a greater right to use a Domain Name. The Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) offers an efficient and transparent method of resolving disputes in the .uk Top Level Domain.

The DRS does not replace the role of the Courts, it is however open to all and the decisions are binding on the parties involved. As a result of a DRS decision, Nominet has the power to transfer, cancel or suspend the Domain Name registration.

Cases are processed by Nominet in accordance with the policy and procedure. A strict timetable is adhered to and all case decisions are published on the Nominet web site.

Complaints must correspond to the prescribed format and should be submitted to the DRS team using the on-line submission form. Nominet will seek a response from the Registrant, after which it will initiate an informal mediation process. If a resolution cannot be achieved through mediation, the Complainant can refer the case for a decision by an independent expert on payment of a fee of £750 (plus VAT).

If either party is dissatisfied with the outcome, they may appeal within five working days of the decision being made on payment of a fee of £3000 (plus VAT). The Appeal will be heard by a panel of three selected by Nominet.

If you have any queries about the new service or would like further information, please contact us by emailing drs@nominet.org.uk.

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