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Becoming a Tag Holder

Tag Holder Instructions

- Registering a PGP Key

- Using the Automaton

- Changing Registrant Details

- Renewals

- Billing

- Payment Methods

- Changing Billing Status
of Registration

- List of Tag Holders

Expanded WHOIS

Terms and Conditions Project

Pre-Nominet Domain Name FAQ for Tag Holders

New Tag Change Policy

Proposed Tag Holder Agreement


Credit Account

As a Tag Holder, you will have established a credit account with Nominet, to which fees for all Domain Name registrations made by you on behalf of your customers are charged - unless you have specified that fees are to be invoiced direct to the Registrant. You will be issued with a consolidated invoice at the end of each month.

Credit Limit

Initially this will be set at £500 although you may request a higher limit. Nominet reserves the right to suspend the use of the Tag once the credit limit is reached, reduce the credit limit and to refuse a request for a higher limit.

Payment Terms

Payment is due on monthly invoices within 30 days of issue. In the event of non-payment, Nominet reserves the right to suspend use of the Tag. It may also charge interest on balances unpaid for more than 60 days. Click here for details on payment methods.


Value added Tax (VAT) at the current rate is added to all Nominet invoices for Domain Name Registration and Membership. This applies to both EU countries and non-EU countries.

This is a ruling by HM Customs and Excise because the service is supplied in the UK and not the country of the ISP or registrant.

You may be able to reclaim VAT in your own country. Please see the web site at http://www.hmce.gov.uk/forms/notices/732.htm for details.

Cancelling Domain Name Registrations

Tag Holders can cancel registrations, if made in error or no longer required, provided that payment has not been made. However, in cases of excessive volumes of cancellations - more than 20% of monthly registrations - Nominet will require written explanation from the Tag Holder. Further cancellations may then only be made at Nominet's discretion.

If the Domain Name registration has been paid for, Nominet requires the written authority of the Registrant to cancel the Domain Name. No refund will be paid for Domain Name cancellations.

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