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Understanding your Contract

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You should be aware that you are entering into two separate binding contracts when you register a domain name: firstly with Nominet UK and secondly with your ISP, who acts as your agent for Domain Name registration.

Contract with an ISP

You should understand your rights and obligations under this contract of agency (to which Nominet UK is not a party), in particular the implications of a breakdown in commercial dealings with the ISP.

Pay particular attention to your rights to move your business and your Domain Name to another ISP, and whether there is a charge for doing so.

Contract with Nominet UK

Click here to see a copy of Nominet UK's Terms & Conditions - these are binding on Registrants. You should note that registration entitles you to be a Domain Name holder ie to use a Domain Name for a two-year period. You do not become the owner of the name and if the name is not renewed, it becomes available for other potential applicants.

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