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Nominet has different procedures for changing Registrant details, according to when the Domain Name registration fee was paid and the type of Registrant change required.

Changes can be submitted:

  1. Between a Domain Name being registered and payment of the invoice on which it appears the registering Tag Holder may contact Nominet Customer Support Department, and ask for a change to the Registrant by sending in a pgp-signed email requesting that the Registrant field be changed. However in some cases, CSD reserve the right to ask the Tag Holder to sign an indemnity (see below). Any change after point of payment must be made by either signing an indemnity letter or transferring the Domain Name registration.
  2. Once a Domain Name registration fee has been paid. As stated above, from this point onwards, the change can only be made by indemnity or transfer.

Indemnity Letters

These are used to correct an error or omission made in the original Registrant name application.

Eg: Acme Toys = Acme Toys UK Ltd.

Indemnities are usually sent to the registering Tag Holder or the Registrant. They are prepared on an individual basis by Nominet, each one is tailored to apply to the Domain Name in question. They can be sent out and returned by fax or post.

As Nominet has to rely on information supplied by the Tag Holder or Registrant regarding the accuracy of the change requested, the indemnity covers Nominet's costs should the change made later result in litigation against Nominet.

Sometimes an indemnity precedes a transfer, as a transfer can only be made on the authority of the correctly-named current Registrant.

Transfer Forms

These are used when the change of Registrant is between two separate identifiable parties.

Eg: John Smith t/a Acme Toys = DIY Hardware Stores Ltd.

A transfer form can be found on the reverse of a Registration Certificate for a Domain Name. If no certificate has been issued, a transfer form can be requested from Nominet by the current Registrant faxing a letter to 01865 332295, FAO Registration Department.

An ISP or other agent cannot make a transfer on behalf of a Registrant; only the current Registrant can make a transfer to another party.

Both parties involved in a transfer must agree to it in writing to Nominet by completing the Transfer Form and sending in confirmatory letters on their respective letterhead paper. Further instructions are given on the form itself.

Only the original transfer form is accepted, and so it must be posted to Nominet.

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