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Core Functions


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Nominet UK has responsibility for the accuracy and maintenance of records on the UK Register Database. Nominet has four core functions:

Maintenance of the Integrity of the Register Database - Nominet has responsibility for the integrity of the database and the processes supporting it, in other words for maintaining the accuracy of the details that it contains.

Ensuring consistency and fairness in the registration and transfer of Domain Names - Domain Name registration follows a rigorous management process designed to give confidence to Registrants and users of .uk Domain Names. Registrations are carried out in accordance with a set of clear rules and the transfer, suspension and cancellation of Domain Names follow strict operational procedures.

Making the relevant data publicly available - Nominet provides an on-line search facility for people to find out whether a .uk Domain Name has been registered and, if so, by whom. This facility is called the WHOIS service.

Offering a Dispute Resolution Service based on mediation - A small proportion - less than 0.1% - of registrations give rise to a dispute between two parties, for example, as to who has the greater right to use the name. Click here for more detailed information on Nominet's Dispute Resolution Service.

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