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The Policy Advisory Board (PAB) was set up in March 1999 to develop proposals for policies and rules for consideration by the Council of Management. The PAB meets bi-monthly, on the first Wednesday of alternate months.


The PAB's membership comprises: two non-executive directors of Nominet, representatives of up to five appointed organisations, plus eight Nominet members who are elected by the Steering Committee.

Meeting reports

Current and archived PAB meeting reports are also available to members on this website.

PAB Papers

Issues papers are produced by Nominet as briefing documents. These are usually posted a week prior to meetings. Papers produced by the PAB representatives are also archived here.

Agenda suggestions

Members wishing to put forward agenda items should contact one of the PAB members.

Any other ideas?

Contact the PAB at pab-suggest@nominet.org.uk if you have any comments or suggestions to make.

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