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Report from Board Meeting - 22 August 2002

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Council of Management

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  The Nominet UK Council of Management (CoM) met on 22nd August 2002 and discussed the following items:

Credit Notes

It was agreed that the system for renewals via tag holders, including credit notes, will remain unchanged, pending the review of the renewals process being carried out by the PAB and consultation on the recommendations that will be made. Non-tag holders will now be issued with pro-forma invoices for renewals from 1st September onwards.

The CoM confirmed its intention to cease to issue credit notes for new registrations that are cancelled (both direct and indirect) after the invoicing date. The tag holder responsible for the original application will be charged the registration fee. All cancellations may be processed via the Automaton prior to the monthly invoicing run after which, cancellations will not result in a credit note. The monthly invoicing run takes place at midnight on the last calendar day of each month. This change will take effect from 1st October 2002.

Code of Practice

The CoM reiterated their statement following their April 2002 meeting that an 'industry wide Code of Practice with a wide scope would be appropriate and that this should be funded and promoted externally to Nominet UK'. The CoM agreed once more that they would welcome any such initiatives by organisations external to Nominet UK and would carefully consider playing an appropriate role if invited.


There were 2,703 active members as at 1st August 2002. During July there were 12 new members and 25 members were resigned by Nominet due to them being inactive and non-trading.

Operational Reports

There were 62,292 new registrations during July, 64 were direct registrations and there were 107,162 renewals invoiced. The average response time to support emails remained at 24 hours and the average fax response time was 109 hours as result of staff leave and unplanned absences.

Contact had been made with 1,540 Nominet tag holders in connection with the project to ensure proper incorporation of Nominet's terms and conditions. 1,059 are now complying with the contractual requirement and 10 tags remain suspended due to non-compliance.

PAB Recommendations

The CoM agreed with the PAB recommendation that, whilst the business risk to Nominet of releasing one and two letter domain names remained greater than the business risk of not releasing them, Nominet should retain the current restrictions on the one character and two letter domains with the exception that one character and two letter registrations in the .ltd.uk and plc.uk SLDs should be permitted. The CoM agreed to review this issue in one years time. The CoM also decided that the prohibition on one character and two letter domain names should not necessarily apply to any new SLDs.

The CoM agreed with the PAB recommendation that Nominet publish member voting rights and determined that, subject to final legal advice, this would be from January 2003 onwards, when new rights were calculated

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