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Report from Board Meeting - 24 July 2002

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Council of Management

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  The Nominet UK Council of Management (CoM) met on 24th July 2002 and discussed the following items:

Vote of Thanks

A sincere vote of thanks was given to Keith Mitchell who, until this year's CoM election, had served on the board since the company's incorporation as a founding director.


A warm welcome was extended to Fay Howard, the newly elected CoM member and Eleanor Bradley, Director of Operations.

Expanded WHOIS

After discussion with the PAB and following comments from a number of registrants and dialogue with the Information Commission, the final proposals for expanding the output of the WHOIS were approved. From September 2002, the WHOIS will display addresses for registrants identified as businesses. From December 2002, the address details for all new registrations and registrations renewed after that date will be displayed. The exception will be where the registrant is an individual and has positively opted to have queries directed to his/her tag holder. Further details will be circulated to members shortly.

Tag Changes and Registrant Transfers

Discussion centred on the likely charges for tag changes and registrant transfers. The final charges that Nominet will make to registrants have yet to be finalised and the executive will provide these to the PAB and CoM as soon as possible.

Details of the operational mechanisms and legal changes required by the new procedures are still being working on by the executive team.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions and Tag Holder Agreement

The CoM approved amendments to the Terms and Conditions and Tag Holder Agreement which have been made as a result of the expansion of the WHOIS and changes to the tag change procedure. Both documents will shortly be the subject of public and membership wide consultations respectively.


There were 2,697 active members as at 1st July 2002. During June there were 22 new members and 3 members resigned.

Operational Reports

There were 45,806 new registrations during June, 35 were direct registrations and there were 133,920 renewals invoiced. The average response time to support emails remained at 24 hours and the average fax response time at 48 hours.

Contact has been made with almost half of Nominet's tag holders in connection with the project to ensure proper incorporation of Nominet's terms and conditions. The CoM was pleased to hear that the project is progressing and encouraged the executive to send an update to tag holders.

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