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Report from Board Meeting - 19 June 2002

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Council of Management

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- Non Executive Directors


  The Nominet UK Council of Management (CoM) met on 19th June 2002 and discussed the following items:


There were 2,668 active members as at 31st May 2002. During May there were 27 new members and 34 members resigned.

Operational Reports

There were 57,612 new registrations during May, 34 (0.06%) were direct registrations and there were 129,142 renewals invoiced. It was agreed to commission a special study of renewal statistics.

The average response time to support emails remained at 24 hours and the average fax response time for May was 112 hours, currently this stood at 48 hours following an alternative allocation of staffing resources.

The Terms and Conditions project had been started and 290 tag holders had been contacted to date. A project to fully populate the nom-announce mailing list was also in progress and so far, 60% of those contacted have now supplied a subscription address.

The first .me.uk DRS independent expert decision had been made and there were 104 ongoing DRS cases.

ICANN Re-structure

The CoM discussed the ongoing ICANN reform process, including various proposals tabled for the Bucharest meeting.


The formal arrangements were finalised. Electronic voting had been investigated and costed. There were some concerns regarding electronic voting and it was decided not to trial this for the CoM elections. The 2000/2001 accounts were agreed and these would be sent to members with the second AGM mailing.

Company Secretary

Emily Taylor was appointed as Company Secretary, replacing Lesley Cowley.

WHOIS Changes

The consultation feedback was discussed. The Executive will make final recommendations to the next meeting of the CoM.

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