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    Report from Board Meeting - 14 May 2002

Job Opportunities


Council of Management

- Executive Chairman

- Managing Director

- Non Executive Directors


  The Nominet UK Council of Management (CoM) met on the 14th May 2002 and discussed the following items:

ICANN Re-structure

The DTI consultation paper had now been published and a Nominet response was being prepared. Members would be encouraged to submit their own views and to comment on the Nominet response.


There are currently 2,675 active members, 40 new members joined during April 2002 and 4 resigned.

Operational Reports

Further meetings have taken place to develop draft detailed proposals regarding tag changes and registrant transfers, which will be put to the PAB and CoM. There had been a 20% increase in the daily volume of incoming telephone calls to customer support together with an 11% increase in the number of faxes and a 40% increase in email volumes. Average email response times were being maintained at 24 hours, but there had been a resultant increase in the average fax response time to 100 hours.There were 56,816 new registrations during April, 36 (0.06%) were direct registrations, and there were 148,437 renewals invoiced. The number of completed certificate reply forms received during the month increased significantly to 54,932. Currently 8% of reply forms indicate errors in registrant data. There were 106 open DRS cases and the current mediation success rate was 55%, which was very pleasing.


Media statements have been issued regarding the new WHOIS output. Presentations have been made to regional Trading Standards and Business Link conferences. The design brief for the web site revision has been prepared and electronic voting has been discussed with ERS.

Management Restructure

Harvey Nash would be assisting with the recruitment of a Director of Operations and a Director of IT. Both posts will be advertised in the Sunday Times on 26th May and non-executive directors agreed to assist with interviews.

Credit Note Proposal

Recommendations regarding the timing of invoicing and possible VAT implications were discussed. The proposal will be considered by the PAB at their June meeting.

Revised .uk Rules

The draft rules were approved and the PAB sub-committee thanked for their valuable input. The rules would be considered by the PAB at their June meeting, together with the list of policy issues arising from the PAB sub-committee.

SLD Procedure

Possible changes to the SLD procedure were discussed and it was noted that when formulated, the revised procedure would need to be considered by the PAB. It was agreed to suspend the current procedure whilst it was being revised.

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