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    Report from Board Meeting - 25 April 2002

Job Opportunities


Council of Management

- Executive Chairman

- Managing Director

- Non Executive Directors



There are currently 2,657 active members, 41 new members joined during March and 2 resigned. It was noted that nom-steer has 771 subscribers and nom-announce 2,540.

Operational Reports

Meetings have taken place to develop draft detailed proposals regarding the issuing of credit notes and tag changes, which will be put to the PAB and CoM. Initial plans for the restructuring of the Nominet web site have been agreed. There were 59,489 new registrations during March, 63 (0.1%) were direct registrations, and there were 192,258 renewals invoiced.


Pro-active press releases have been issued regarding DRS cases, DRS expert training, new WHOIS data, domain name demands and cold calling regarding potential registrations.


The working group report has now been submitted to the DTI and the group is now planning a UK trial.

Management Restructure

It was agreed that a Director of Operations, a Director of IT and a Director of Finance would be appointed. These posts would not be legal directors of the company.


The PAB recommendation regarding Local Education Authorities being able to register in the format lea.<area>.sch.uk was accepted. The PAB Chairman's comments regarding legal advice on tag changes and INCOP were noted.


The CoM agreed with the Project Manager and the PAB, that a industry wide Code of Practice with a wide scope would be appropriate and that this should be funded and promoted externally to Nominet UK. The CoM agreed that they would welcome any such initiatives by organisations external to Nominet UK and would carefully consider playing an appropriate role if invited. The CoM also agreed with the recommendation that Nominet improve standards in domain name registration services by ensuring that Tag Holders meet the existing requirements of the Tag Holder Agreement and tasked the Executive with the implementation of this recommendation.

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