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Core Functions


New SLDs


Nominet UK maintains the Register Database which keeps centrally held information on all .uk registered Domain Names. Domain Name Registrations are processed on a first-come, first - served basis. The vast majority of Domain Name applications are made through Internet Service Providers (ISP) who need in turn to register the names with Nominet.

Nominet is the designated manager of the UK Top Level Domain (TLD). Each territory defined by the ISO 3166 standard has been allocated its own country code TLD within the Internet Domain Name System. There are also generic TLDs such as .com, .net and .org..

There are a number of Second Level Domains (SLDs) within .uk and Nominet manages the most popular of these:

.co.uk - for commercial enterprises - the largest SLD in the UK

.me.uk - for for personal domains

.org.uk - for non - commercial organisations

.plc.uk and .ltd.uk - for use by Registered companies only

.net.uk - for the network providers

.sch.uk - for schools

There are other UK SLDs that are sub-managed by separate organisations.

Nominet does NOT

  • Provide Internet services such as hosting e-mail addresses or web sites - this is the role of Internet Service Providers who operate in the commercial marketplace
  • Make recommendations about using any particular ISP
  • Pre-vet applications for Domain Names, other than in respect of technical restrictions
  • Offer legal advice to those in dispute over Domain Name registrations
  • Make judgements as to whether the registration or use of a Domain Name infringes the rights of third parties - this is the role of the law courts.

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