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  Department Manager - Eleanor Bradley

The Customer Support Department deals with a wide variety of telephone and e-mail enquiries. These range from requests for information on how to register a Domain Name or modify an existing Domain Name, to specific technical support for Nominet members.

The Department numbers 30 including a team of technical support staff to assist new Tag Holders with queries ranging from the registration of a PGP key through to using the Automaton, Nominet's automated Domain Name registration and modification system.

The Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is also operated by specialist members of the Department - including Nominet's in-house solicitor. Through the DRS, senior staff will attempt to help parties to a dispute reach a mutually acceptable mediated or commercial resolution to their dispute.

For further information on the DRS and Nominet's powers to act under the terms of its contract with the Registrant of a .uk Domain Name where a mediated resolution cannot be found, please click here.

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