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Twenty First Meeting of the Policy Advisory Board

The Regus Centre
Portman Square House
43-45 Portman Square

August 7 2002,
10.00 - 14.00 hours with sandwiches served at 13:00

Following the Meeting at 14:30 there will be a Subcommittee chaired by Alex Bligh on the renewals process until 17:00


  1. Welcome, Apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising from last meeting:
    • PAB Purpose & Revised Mission Statement (Gordon Dick / Peter Gradwell)
    • Status of the revised communication Paper (Richard Almeda / Peter Gradwell)
    • Status of the rules consultation (Eleanor Bradley)
    • Status of the expanded Whois (Council of Management Reps / Eleanor Bradley)
    • Nom-Steer Weekly Summaries (Eleanor Bradley / Peter Gradwell)
  4. Status of Subcommittees (& Feedback from AGM)
    • Renewals & Invoicing (Alex Bligh)
    • Net.uk (Denesh Bhabuta & Eleanor Bradley)
  5. One and Two Letter Domains (& Feedback from AGM) - James Cronin
  6. Publication of Voting Rights - Alex Bligh
  7. Membership / Tag Holder Fees - Alex Bligh / Denesh Bhabuta
  8. Matters arising from PAB suggest:
    1. Request to notify ISPs when
      • Registrant requests cancellation of a domain name
      • The domain name is transfered away from an ISP's tag
      • The registrant's address data is updated (reply forms).
    2. Request to transfer domain names to a new ISP free of charge where a Tag Holder ceases trading or has Tag cancelled. (Submitted by Hazel Pegg).
    3. Addendum to the Electronic Communications Paper to permit Directors standing in the CoM elections to be subscribed to nom-steer. (Alex Bligh)
  9. Urgent Business

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