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International Role


  Nominet has a Council of Management (CoM) that is the equivalent of a Board of Directors. The CoM is made up of two executive directors, and four non-executive directors who are elected by members. The CoM makes strategic and policy decisions and is responsible for the actions of the company. However, with respect to policy matters the CoM is obliged to take account of the views of members.

The Policy Advisory Board (PAB) acts as a bridge between the Council of Management and Nominet members. The PAB develops proposals and rules for consideration by the Council of Management. The PAB comprises two of the non-executive directors, five representatives of appointed organisations and eight members who are elected by Nominet members. The PAB meets every two months to discuss a range of policy issues.

As a not-for-profit company, Nominet has members rather than shareholders. The members contribute to the running of the company in a number of ways:

  • By exercising their voting rights at Annual General Meetings
  • By electing non-executive Directors to the Council of Management
  • By electing members to the Policy Advisory Board
  • By participating in on-line discussion groups to share views and ideas on how Nominet should operate

Nominet also has a management team consisting of the two Executive Directors and the managers of the individual departments. They meet monthly to discuss how the various policy matters can be put into practice, and to review current procedures and performance.


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