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International Role


  1. Nominet is a not-for-profit organisation - what does this mean?

    Nominet was not set up and is not constituted to make a profit from its activities. Accordingly its charges are sufficient only to cover its operating costs. However, a surplus is considered appropriate in view of two key requirements. First, sufficient reserves were needed to ensure that all Domain Name registrations could be maintained for the two years for which they were made. Second, a legal defence fund was required, particularly in view of the fact that Nominet accepts the legal risk on Domain Name suspensions, transfers and cancellations.

  2. Nominet is a company limited by guarantee - what does this mean?

    As a company limited by guarantee, Nominet has no shareholders and pays no dividend. It does have members who join the company and pay a membership fee. The members guarantee £10 each, in the event of insolvency.

  3. Who runs Nominet?

    A Council of Management (the equivalent of a Board of Directors) comprising up to two executives and four non-executive directors manages Nominet. Of the four, two stand down and are re-elected at each AGM.

  4. How many staff does it have?

    Day-to-day operations are carried out by a staff of around 120, comprising technical, administrative and customer support personnel.

  5. How is Nominet financed?

    Operating costs are covered by the subscriptions of its members and Domain Name registration fees.

  6. Who are its members?

    The current membership is mainly made up of Internet Service Providers but also includes law firms, company formation agents, the police, and specialist consultants.

  7. How many members does it have?


  8. Is there a limit on the number of members?


  9. Who is eligible?

    Any individual or organisation with an interest in the Internet can become a member of Nominet UK on payment of a joining fee and annual subscription.

  10. How do I apply?

    Click here for an application form.

  11. What input do members have in the running of Nominet?

    Nominet has a Policy Advisory Board (PAB) which is made up of two non-executive directors, representatives of up to five appointed organisations plus eight Nominet members who are elected by the membership (known as the Steering Committee). The PAB was set up in March 1999 and develops proposals for policies and rules for consideration by the Council of Management and Nominet members. Informally, every member can communicate with Nominet on a regular basis via an e-mail discussion forum. Formally, members can propose and vote on resolutions at all AGMs and EGMs.

  12. Are there any other benefits to membership?

    Nominet members are entitled to a discount on Domain Name registration fees, currently £5 per registration as opposed to £80 payable by those Registering direct with Nominet. Click here for more information on becoming a member.

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