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Don't be confused by domain name 'renewal' demand

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  19 April 2002

Nominet UK is warning people not to be confused by what appears to be a domain name (web address) registration renewal invoice but is actually the offer of an entry in a web directory.

The national Registry for all domain names ending .uk, Nominet has received reports of existing domain name holders (Registrants) being sent a demand for payment for 'the online connection of a web address', a phrase which could be interpreted to mean the domain name itself.

"This appears to be a 21st century version of the confusing fax directory invoice," said Lesley Cowley, managing director of Nominet UK. "Those contacted should treat the demand with the same caution as they would any other unsolicited invoice and, if unsure, contact their Internet Service Provider for clarification."

Most domain names ending .uk are registered through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and need to be renewed every two years. In the first instance, Nominet sends the renewal invoice to the ISP, who should contact the Registrant for payment. If, for any reason, the ISP does not renew the registration, Nominet tries to contact the Registrant directly to offer them the opportunity to renew the registration.

For further help, contact your ISP or Nominet's customer support team on 01865 332211, or see the web site at www.nominet.org.uk.