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Nominet Cuts Domain Name Registration Price

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Nominet UK, the national Registry for all Internet Domain Names ending .uk, is cutting the Domain Name registration fee to £5 (+VAT) for two years.

This price applies to Domain Names registered through Nominet members from 1 September 1999, and reflects the substantial growth in Domain Name registrations over the past year - the number of new Domain Name registrations has risen from around 8000 per month to 28 000 in that time.

Any individual or business wishing to establish a presence on the Internet usually uses a Domain Name for ease of identification. Those registered with Nominet most commonly end in .co.uk (for commercial enterprises), .org.uk (for non-commercial organisations, .plc.uk and .ltd.uk (for registered companies) and .net.uk for the host machines of network providers.

The fee charged to those registering a Domain Name directly with Nominet is £80(+ VAT), payable with order, reflecting the administration costs involved.

"Most people register Domain Names through our members as the simplest option," explained Dr Willie Black, managing director of Nominet UK. "It is also cheaper and quicker that way."

Nominet UK has more than 1000 members, the majority of whom are Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Click for a list of Nominet members.

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