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  28 June 2002

National domain name Registry, Nominet UK is asking all those who registered a domain name ending .uk prior to 1 August 1996 to get in touch with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to confirm that they still want it.

The ISP will then notify Nominet to either update the registrant's details or cancel the registration. However, any unclaimed pre-Nominet domain names will be withdrawn from service and - unless a registrant emerges within three months - eventually cancelled.

"We suspect that many of these domain names are not being used and may well no longer be required," explained Lesley Cowley, Nominet UK's managing director. "However, for those that are, we need to ensure that all the details are correct and give the registrant a proper contract."

There are currently around 26,000 domain names that were registered before Nominet came into existence. Unlike other .uk domain name holders, they have not paid a registration fee and therefore do not have the protection of a contract with Nominet. In addition, the details do not appear on the free online search facility on the Nominet web site.

"Our aim is to clean up our records at the same time as giving those who are using their domain names equality with other .uk registrants," continued Cowley.

Those who confirm that they wish to retain the domain name will receive the standard Nominet contract and certificate. However, as a goodwill gesture, they will not be asked to pay the Nominet registration fee for the first two years of the contract.

Those with a pre-Nominet domain name but no ISP should contact Nominet's customer support team on 01865 332211 for help. More information can also be found at www.nominet.org.uk/prenominet/