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  1 August 2002

Nominet UK, the national domain name Registry, is calling for public comment on its plans to introduce new Rules for the UK Top Level Domain and sub-domains. A public consultation opens today (1 August) and will run until 1 September 2002.

The move, which sees the first major overhaul of the Rules since Nominet was formed in 1996, follows a decision last October by Nominet's Policy Advisory Board (PAB) to undertake a comprehensive review.

Although in the vast majority of cases the new Rules do not propose any material change in policy, a number of adjustments have been made, including the addition of formalised Rules for each Nominet-run Second Level Domain.

"Having considered the existing Rules very carefully, we believe that our proposed changes more accurately reflect Nominet's current practices," explained Lesley Cowley, managing director of Nominet UK. "We now want to hear what the public thinks of our proposals."

Nominet will publish all comments on its web site and once the consultation period has closed, will review the comments before circulating the Rules to the Board of Directors for final approval. A 30-day notice period will then be put in place, after which the changed Rules will apply to .uk domain name registrations.

For more information and to comment on the proposed new Rules, see www.nominet.org.uk/rules/new-rules.html.