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  13 May 2002

Anyone wanting to check when their .uk domain name registration is due for renewal or make contact with a .uk domain name holder will find it easier from this summer, thanks to changes being introduced by the national Registry, Nominet UK.

Nominet's free on-line search facility, known as WHOIS, is the only authoritative source of information for .uk domain names and can be found on the homepage at www.nominet.org.uk. This currently shows the organisation or individual to whom the domain name is registered, when that registration was made and when the entry was last updated. The new format will include the postal address of the Registrant, as well as the date on which the domain name falls due for renewal, but not telephone, fax or e-mail address details.

"These changes will prove particularly useful for those wanting to see when their domain name is due for renewal, check out the company behind a web site or trying to track down a cybersquatter," explained Lesley Cowley, managing director of Nominet UK. "They are also in line with the policy of other domain name Registries around the world."

However, Nominet is aware that some individuals may be concerned about their personal data being made available in this way. Although Nominet's terms and conditions require accurate contact details to be provided by the Registrant, these may include a PO box number or "care of" address rather than a home address, as long as the Registrant can genuinely be contacted by that route. Those wanting to amend their details should contact their ISP or domain name registration agent, who will make the changes on their behalf.

For further help, contact your ISP or Nominet's customer support team on 01865 332211, or see the web site at www.nominet.org.uk.