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  25 February 2002

Anyone approached with the offer of a domain name (web address) over the telephone is being warned to check the details carefully before agreeing to anything.

The national Registry for all domain names (web addresses) ending .uk, Nominet UK, is getting reports of people being cold-called with either the news that someone is trying to register their domain name and they should get in first, or that their domain name is due for renewal and they might lose it if they don't renew it on the spot.

"Such calls are, frankly, highly suspicious," said Lesley Cowley, deputy managing director of Nominet UK. "If you want a domain name (web address), whether for use now or in the future, shop around to find an ISP who will register and look after it for you at a price you are willing to pay. The market is very competitive, with plenty of choice - you don't need to be bounced into accepting an offer made in an unsolicited telephone call."

"If you already have a domain name (web address) ending .uk, the ISP who originally registered it on your behalf will be reminded by Nominet UK that they need to renew it for you. If, however, they choose not to renew the registration, Nominet will try and contact you directly before taking any action - the most important thing is to make sure your ISP has up-to-date contact details for you."

For further help, contact Nominet's customer support team on 01865 332211 or see the web site at www.nominet.org.uk.