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Voting results


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  The application to create a me.uk Second Level Domain was processed according to the published policy and procedure for creating new SLDs. The final proposal was voted on by the membership of Nominet UK between December 2001 and January 2002. The results of that vote were in favour of the creation of the new SLD, as outlined in the table of results below.


Would you like the new SLD to be adopted under this application?

Number voting YES445(74.4% of valid vote)
Number voting No153(25.6% of valid vote)
TOTAL598(100% of valid vote)

The application to establish a me.uk SLD was originally received by Nominet in May 2001. It was subsequently approved by the Council of Management and the Policy Advisory Board.

As a result of the vote of the membership, the me.uk SLD will go live from 00:01 hours on Monday 14 January 2002.