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  What is me.uk?

me.uk is a new Second Level Domain that falls within the .uk Top Level Domain. co.uk is also a Second Level Domain, but whereas co.uk is intended for use by companies, me.uk is meant for individual use. You would expect to find corresponding domains names such as company.co.uk and individual.me.uk.

Who should register a domain name under me.uk?

The me.uk Second Level Domain is intended for personal use. Domain Name registrations made under me.uk are expected to be made for natural persons, such as Mr John Doe registering johndoe.me.uk. However, it is possible to register any group of words under the me.uk extension, and it is not compulsory to register your legal name.

How much will it cost?

Most people register domain names through an Internet Service Provider, and the price may vary according to the provider that you use. The majority of ISPs are members of Nominet, and are entitled to receive a reduced registration fee.

The Nominet member fee for me.uk registrations has a scale of descending charges that are set-out below. This is the price that your ISP will be charged for registering the domain name through us. However, your ISP may choose to charge you more or less than the price that is stated here.

From January 14 2002£50
February 1 2002£45
March 1 2002£40
April 1 2002£30
May 1 2002£20
June 1 2002£10
July 1 2002£5

VAT is added to all these charges.

So, if your ISP registers a me.uk domain name with Nominet at the end of March 2002 the cost to him or her will be £40 plus VAT. However if they register a me.uk domain name at the end of June 2002, the price will be £10 plus VAT.

We will accept direct registrations (that are not made through a member of Nominet) for those meeting certain technical requirements: you must have two active name servers that are permanently connected to the Internet. All direct registrations made through Nominet are charged at £80 plus VAT. For further details see http://www.nominet.org.uk/howto/prepay.html

What happens after registration?

Once Nominet has recieved payment for your me.uk domain name, you will be sent a registration certificate from us confirming that you are the legal registrant. You must check the details contained on the certificate carefully to ensure that they are correct, and return the reply form that is attached to the certificate indicating any changes you may have to the information given. Your complete details will then be recorded on the register database which will make it easier for you to make any further changes to your registration.

Will my details be made available publicly?

As the legal registrant of a domain name, your registration details will include your name and a contact address. This information will be made public through Nominet's online WHOIS search facility, which provides details of the domain name, the registrant and their contact address. Nominet has a duty to make this information available to anyone who wishes to trace the legal registrant of a domain name. It is your duty to ensure that your ISP has up-to-date contact information for you, and your ISP is obliged to keep Nominet's database updated.

How long is my registration valid for?

Domain name registrations made in the .uk Top Level Domain are valid for two years. After the initial two-year period has expired, the domain name will fall due for renewal. You will have first refusal to renew your registration by paying for it for a further two years.

Who will remind me that my renewal is due?

You will be able to tell when your registration is due for renewal because the expiry date is printed on your certificate. Your ISP should normally inform you when your renewal is due, and to remind your ISP, Nominet sends a list of the domain names due for renewal to each member three months in advance of the renewal date.

How much will the renewal of my me.uk registration cost?

Nominet will charge its members the standard charge for renewals set by the Registry at that time (currently 5). However, your renewal may cost more or less than this, as your ISP may charge you a different rate.

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