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Tag Holder Notes


To discourage large-scale speculative registrations, Nominet will charge higher registration fees during the first 6 months of me.uk in order to provide a "soft start"mechanism.

The member registration fee for the first 6 months, excluding VAT, will be as follows:

From January 14 2002£50
February 1 2002£45
March 1 2002£40
April 1 2002£30
May 1 2002£20
June 1 2002£10
July 1 2002£5

After this period, the price of registrations made through members will be the same as in other SLDs. The non-member registration fee of £80 (plus VAT) will apply throughout to all me.uk registrations that are not made through a member of Nominet UK.

The Council of Management may at its discretion change or reduce the length of the soft start mechanism during the first six months of operation.


During the start-up period, applications for me.uk Domain Names should be submitted separately to all other applications. They should be sent to a different email address which is applications@meuk.nic.uk

Tag Holders are reminded that one email submission can contain a maximum of 100 domain name applications, and single submissions with more than 100 applications will be rejected outright.

Registrant fields on new template

As recommended by the Policy Advisory Board, from the launch date of me.uk, it will be mandatory for all registrations to be made with fully completed registrant fields as specified in the new template at http://www.nominet.org.uk/auto/template.html

Anyone who wishes to check that they have correctly formatted the registrant fields on the template, can submit test applications using the domain name pattern:


The right to register in me.uk

The me.uk Second Level Domain is intended for personal use, with Registrants being natural persons. Registrations made for and on behalf of commercial organisations may find that their registration is subsequently challenged by an individual on the basis that it constitutes an "abusive registration" under the Dispute Resolution Service.

Cancellations Policy

Members are reminded that Nominet's general policy is to allow cancellation of no more that 10% of Domain Names registered each month. This will be particularly monitored during the me.uk start-up.


Although permitted by the Rules for me.uk, Nominet does not intend to charge for transfers of me.uk domain names at this time.

General dot UK Rules apply

As with co.uk, 2-letter third level domains are disallowed.

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