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Nominet UK's registration fees cover a period of two years, after which a renewal fee is payable (at the same rate) for each subsequent two year period.

Registering direct with Nominet

Nominet charges £80 plus VAT per direct Domain Name registration, which must be paid in full in advance.

Registering via a Nominet member

Nominet offers its members a discount on registration fees, and charges them £5.00 plus VAT per Domain Name registration. Internet Service Providers, including Nominet members, usually combine the domain name registration fee with charges for other services that they provide to end users, and as a result you may be charged more than £5.00 for a domain name registration. Prices vary widely in the commercial marketplace, and you should shop around in order to find a deal that suits your needs.

The members' discounted fee of £5.00 plus VAT is in effect a trade discount for enabling Nominet to reduce its costs in dealing with end users. It is given in return for members undertaking some of the administrative arrangements associated with bulk registrations, including end user billing and credit control, which would otherwise be carried out by Nominet.


Value added Tax (VAT) at the current rate is added to all Nominet invoices for Domain Name Registration and Membership. This applies to both EU countries and non-EU countries.

This is a ruling by HM Customs and Excise because the service is supplied in the UK and not the country of the ISP or registrant.

You may be able to reclaim VAT in your own country. Please see the web site at http://www.hmce.gov.uk/forms/notices/723conts.htm for details.

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