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There are now hundreds of ISPs - Internet Service Providers - in the UK offering a wide range of Internet services. However, Nominet cannot recommend one ISP over another.

Making the right choice of provider is quite a daunting task and Nominet offers the following broad advice:

  • Overall, you should shop around to find an ISP that provides the service or range of services you need.
  • Get competitive quotes - but remember, the cheapest price is not necessarily the best deal. Check your contract for any 'hidden' charges.
  • You should ask to see copies of the Terms and Conditions for Domain Name registration. If these are not easily available to you - usually via their website - insist on having a copy and study it thoroughly.
  • Seek recommendations from other Internet users and ask the prospective ISP for testimonials from other customers.
  • Check whether the ISP has signed up to an industry code of conduct - contact the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) for further details.
  • Consider whether you need any specialist services - not all ISPs offer the same package
  • Research what is available from which ISP through the Internet media.
  • Pay particular attention to your rights to move your business and your Domain Name to another ISP, and whether there is a charge for doing so.

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