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    Making Changes to Your Domain Name



Changing Company Name

Changing your ISP

Changing Contact Details


For information on transferring or cancelling the registration of your Domain Name, notifying Nominet of a change of your company or moving your Domain Name to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) please click on the relevant link.

Please note that if the legal Registrant of the Domain Name is in liquidation or has been struck-off the Companies Register, Nominet cannot accept the authority of the current or former directors of the company to make any changes to the Domain Name Registration.

In the case of liquidation Nominet will only accept the authority of the liquidator to make changes to the Domain Name registration. Where the Registrant is dissolved the Domain Name passes to the Bona Vacantia Department of the Treasury Solicitor as an asset of the Crown. The Treasury Solicitor may then dispose of the Domain Name as the asset of a dissolved company.

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