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    If Your Company Changes Its Name



Changing Company Name

Changing your ISP

Changing Contact Details

  If the Registrant of the Domain Name is a registered company and the name of the company changes, you will also need to notify Nominet.

In this case, you must provide Nominet with a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name issued by Companies House, and submit a covering letter on company letterhead, listing the Domain Names affected.

If the status of the Registrant changes, for example the Domain Name is currently registered for a sole trader or partnership and you wish the Domain Name to be registered to a registered company, please follow the instructions on transferring the registration of your Domain Name.

If the listed Registrant is a sole trader or partnership that is no longer trading, you will need to provide independent verification that the assets of the sole trader or partnership were transferred to the registered company at the time of incorporation. For further details please contact Nominet's Customer Support Department.

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