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    How To Cancel Your Domain Name



Changing Company Name

Changing your ISP

Changing Contact Details

  You may decide that you no longer require your Domain Name. If so, it makes sense to surrender the Domain Name so that you are not contacted when the two-year registration period elapses - and so that another user may register the name.

Surrendering your Domain Name is straightforward. On the reverse of your Domain Name Certificate, you will find a surrender form. Complete this and return it to Nominet, along with a letter of authorisation on your company letterhead.

On receipt of these documents, Nominet will cancel the Domain Name, removing it completely from the .uk Register Database. Once this is done, the name will be available for someone else to register.

If you do not have a Domain Name Certificate, you should advise your ISP and Nominet formally in writing - on company letterhead - of your requirement to surrender your Domain Name.

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