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My Internet service provider is in liquidation what happens now?

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I cant get in touch with my Internet service provider (ISP) whats going on?

If you have tried to contact your ISP over a period of time but have not received a reply, it may be because the company is no longer trading or has gone into liquidation. You can phone us on 01865 332211 to check the companys contact details. However, if the company is in liquidation (and you owe or are owed money), the liquidator will contact you.

Who is Nominet UK?

We keep the details of all .uk domain names on a central register database. We are the national registry for .uk Internet names, just like the DVLA is for driving licences. Internet service providers act as agents for people registering domain names and, in turn, have to register each .uk domain name with us.

If my ISP is in liquidation, whats going to happen to my domain name, website and e-mail facilities?

It is likely that these will stop working. In some cases, your ISP may have come to an arrangement with another ISP to take over its business, but it is more than likely that you will need to find a new ISP as quickly as possible to restore your website and e-mail facilities.

Which other ISPs do you recommend?

We cannot recommend a specific ISP as we are a neutral organisation. However, we advise you to look through the members list on our website at www.nominet.org.uk/members/members.html. You should shop around for an ISP that provides the range of services you need. Get competitive quotes, but remember that the cheapest price is not necessarily the best. Ask other users for recommendations and ask the ISP for references from other customers. Carefully check the details of the contract before you sign.

How do I switch to a new ISP?

Once you have found a new ISP, you need to contact your original ISP to ask them to move the domain name to the new provider. If you cannot contact them, or they refuse to move the domain name, you need to follow the instructions available on our website at www.nominet.org.uk/howto/change-isp.html . We will also try to contact your ISP about your request. If we cannot do so, we will move the domain name with your written authority. We will also need to check that there are no registration or renewal fees for the Domain Name that you (or your ISP) have not paid.

What will happen if I dont switch to a new ISP?

If you take no action to move to another ISP, your website and e-mail facilities may stop working. Also, when your domain name is due for renewal (two years after the registration date, and every two years after that), we will send the invoice to you at the full rate of £80 plus VAT. If we do not have your correct contact details you will not receive the invoice so you will not pay the fee. If you do not pay the fee, we will suspend and then cancel your domain name

You have written to ask me to pay a £5 registration fee why is this?

Your ISP has to pay a registration fee to us when they register your domain name. If your agent has not paid us this fee, we have the right under our Terms and conditions for the registration of domain names to ask you direct for the payment.

Why is your fee £5 plus VAT? My ISP charged me a lot more than that!

As a member of Nominet, your ISP uses an automated system to register domain names that reduces our administrative costs. As a result, we give ISPs who are members a bulk discount for registration, which is why the fee is only £5 plus VAT. As a special concession, in view of the circumstances, we charge this reduced fee to people who have registered a domain name and have been affected by liquidations.

Your ISP can charge whatever fee it wants and may include the cost of domain name registration within a fee that includes other services (for example, web design and e-mail facilities).

What will happen if I dont send you payment?

If you have received a letter from us asking for payment and you do not respond within 21 days, we will suspend and then cancel your domain name. You will no longer be able to access your web site and e-mail services using the domain name. Someone else may then be able to register your domain name.

On the other hand, if you do not want to keep the domain name, please send us a signed request on letterheaded paper (or on plain paper including your home address, if you are a private individual) asking us to cancel it for you.

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