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Nominet UK has operated a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) since April 1997. The original service was modified in September 2001 as a result of a wide-reaching public consultation with members of the Internet Community.

Where a case was submitted under the original service, Nominet staff would mediate between the two parties in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Mediation was successful in up to a third of all cases. If, however, mediation was unsuccessful, Nominet would then take a decision on whether to suspend or cancel the delegation of the Domain name in accordance with its old Rules. (A copy of the old Rules can be obtained from Nominet on request).

The relevant grounds for suspension or cancellation under the old Rules were :

  • If it is drawn to Nominet UK's attention that the name is being used in a manner likely to cause confusion to Internet users;
  • Where Nominet has been informed that legal action has been commenced regarding the use of a Domain Name.
  • Where Nominet is of the opinion that one of the above events is likely to occur.

Under the old service, if the Registrant or Complainant was dissatisfied with the decision taken by Nominet they could then appeal the decision and the case would be referred to an Independent expert. Nominet would then decide whether to accept or reject the experts recommendation.

For further details about the old service, please email drs@nominet.org.uk.

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