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The Second Level Domain

The Second Level Domain is provided for National Health Service organisations. Domain Name requests are sent to All names are approved/rejected by the NHS coordinator.

The Second Level Domain is divided into the following Third Level Domains:

swest.nhs.ukSouth and West Region
sthames.nhs.ukSouth Thames Region
nthames.nhs.ukNorth Thames Region
anglox.nhs.ukAnglia and Oxford Region
wmids.nhs.ukWest Midlands Region
trent.nhs.ukTrent Region
northy.nhs.ukNorth and Yorkshire Region
nwest.nhs.ukNorth West and Mersey Region
exec.nhs.ukNHS Executive
supplies.nhs.ukNHS Supplies
wales.nhs.ukNHS in Wales
scot.nhs.ukNHS in Scotland
n-i.nhs.ukNHS in Northern Ireland
nbs.nhs.ukNational Blood Service
dpb.nhs.ukDental Practice Board
nhscr.nhs.ukNHS Central Register
nhscs.nhs.ukNHS Clearing Service
ccmg.nhs.ukNHS Central Communications Management Group
nhstb.nhs.ukNHS Telecommunications Branch
nhsweb.nhs.ukNHS WEB
nhsnet.nhs.ukNHS Net