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The following are definitions of all the fields to be used when requesting a new Domain Name Registration. From March 1 2002, the Registrant 'for' field and the address fields will become mandatory requirements when making domain name applications. They will be mandatory for all applications made under the .me.uk Second Level Domain.

We encourage all Tag Holder to complete as many of the Registrant fields as possible, It is possible that more fields will become mandatory in the future.

Fields should be specified using the following form:


(note there should be no space between the end of the field name and the following colon) for example:


Note that any e-mail signatures or other extraneous text at the bottom of the message are likely to be interpreted as a request by the automaton and will generate error messages.

Field Mandatory Description
key Yes The Domain Name itself
for Yes The company, organisation or individual for whom you are registering it. Only compulsory for new registrations.
reg-trad-name No The Trading Name of the Organisation if different than 'For' above.
No This describes what type of organisation the domain name has been registered for. It must correspond with one of the code descriptions listed in NOTE A below.
reg-opt-out No If reg-type value is IND the registrant can also chose not to have their address details displayed on the WHOIS. In this case the reg-opt-out field should by marked as y. If the opt-out field is marked as n their address details will be displayed on the WHOIS. The default value is that the registrant has not opted-out.
reg-co-no  No* The registered number of the company or organisation.
* Mandatory for registrations in the .net, .ltd and .plc SLDs and must be specified if the reg-type is LTD, PLC, LLP or SCH. It should be omitted if the reg-type is PTNR, STRA, IND, OTHER, FCORP or FOTHER.
reg-addr Yes The street address of the organisation or individual - this can be a PO Box number.
reg-city Yes The City field of the Registrant address
reg-county No The county field of the Registrant address
reg-postcode Yes The postcode field of the Registrant address in uppercase with a space between the two parts of the postcode
reg-country Yes The ISO 3166 County Code of the Registrant (for example, 'GB')
reg-contact Yes The person in the Registrant organisation or company who is responsible for the domain name registration (this can be a position rather than a name).
reg-fax No The fax number for the Domain Name Registrant
reg-phone No The telephone number for the domain name Registrant
reg-email No The email address for the domain name Registrant
nserver Yes At least two name servers must be given. If the name server lies within a domain, the IP address should be given in dotted decimal form; if not, it should be omitted.
admin-c Yes The administration contact for the Domain Name Registration.
tech-c No The technical contact - if left blank, the admin contact will be the default.
billing-c No The billing contact - if left blank, the admin contact will be the default.
phone  No* The phone number for the most recently given contact - make sure the phone number corresponds to the correct individual by re-entering the contact name with the phone number.
* Mandatory for the admin contact.
fax-no No The fax number for the most recently given contact.
e-mail No The e-mail address for the most recently given contact.
address  No* The address of the most recently given contact (multiple address lines may be used).
*Mandatory for the admin contact.
ips-key No The Tag of the registering ISP, given usually only when de-tagging or releasing a registration to another ISP - it is normally defaulted from the PGP key or subject line on the Domain Name request message.
first-bill No The chosen option for billing of initial registration fees: Tag Holder (default) - th
Bill customer ie the Registrant - bc
recur-bill No The chosen option for billing of renewal registration fees: Tag Holder (default) - th
Customer ie the Registrant - bc
notes No A free form field for miscellaneous information relating to the Domain Name.


The codes for the Registrant Type field are listed below:

LTDUK Limited Company
PLCUK Public Limited Company
PTNRUK Partnership
LLPUK Limited Liability Partnership
STRAUK Sole Trader
RCHARUK Registered Charity
OTHERUK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. clubs, associations, many universities)
FCORPForeign Organisation
FOTHEROther foreign organisations


  1. FCORP should be used for a foreign registered company or business, whereas FOTHER would be the correct Registrant type for a school or institution. Foreign Individuals would be expected to use the IND field.
  2. Organisations in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are classified as Foreign Organisations.

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