Re: [vserver] adding other raid cards.

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Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 13:09:03 EDT

first comment:

thanks for the reply!

second comment:

this might be a case of i-am-my-brothers-idiot. once i start something
inside the vserver, like apache, then it shows up in the host context with
vserver-stat and 'vserver running'. however, doing the exact same thing
with the precompiled versions... the vserver shows as running even before
i start anything in it. makes me think i'm doing something crazy. gcc
version is: 2.96, out of redhat update rpm's.

3ware card:

yes, i can boot to the 3ware card. i have 10 or so hosts doing exactly
that. for the price, and stability i've experienced over the last (god,
has it been) 2 years.


i tend to agree with your sentiment, presuming it doesn't cost the
maintainer anything real in terms of time/hassle and/or kernel


On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Sam Vilain wrote:

> wrote:
> > so, in recap: precompiled binaries work (though i can't access my several
> > hundred GB partitions) and compiled kernel/modules don't work.
> > for reference this is a dual tyan board with 2G, 2x1600MP, 1 ide boot
> > drive, dual onboard 3com, 1 3w raid set, and enough cooling capacity to
> > hairlip the pope.
> > thoughts?
> The first thing you should do is figure out why a kernel you compile
> with the exact same options as a precompiled one doesn't work. Do you
> need to move to a stable version of gcc perhaps? (I see debian stable
> uses 2.95.4).
> Other than that, as long as the addition of a driver for a particular
> piece of hardware doesn't adversely affect the people that don't have
> that device, then I'd say it should be added. Especially if it's a
> module and all it costs is another 300ms to recompile that kernel each
> time and 10-20kB of disk space in the modules... even options that
> have to be compiled in can be alright if they can successfully free up
> the space that they take up after initialising and finding nothing to
> do.
> Can you boot off that 3ware card?
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