Re: [vserver] adding other raid cards.

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Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 02:31:21 EDT

Paul, thanks for the reply!

in general, i agree with your sentiments re: leave the maintainers alone
and do it yourself.


(a) some cards were already included, showing understanding of an lcd. i
was wondering if he thought adding the 3ware card, and maybe others, also
fell under lcd.

(b) i've already tested on several systems with the precompiled binaries,
and was very greatful for their availability. and, regrettably, on the
server in the datacenter i'd actually like to be using this on i'd already
compiled my own kernel and modules several times, all failing the same

        - can create a vserver
        - can start a vserver
        - can enter a vserver
        - /vservers/v001/proc and
                are both mounted


        - vserver-stat and vserver v001 running
                both show that the
                vserver isn't running

even though when running with the precompiled binaries that part works,

i've tried this with all permutations of the following matrix:

        v2.4.18 v2.4.19
        vserver18 vserver19
        vserverconfig vserverconfig+3ware+4Gmem

so, in recap: precompiled binaries work (though i can't access my several
hundred GB partitions) and compiled kernel/modules don't work.

for reference this is a dual tyan board with 2G, 2x1600MP, 1 ide boot
drive, dual onboard 3com, 1 3w raid set, and enough cooling capacity to
hairlip the pope.



On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Paul Sladen wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 wrote:
> >
> > have you thought about adding 3ware (and possibly other) support into your
> > precompiled kernels?
> Jack's precompiled kernels I believe are there as a convenience, for
> example, to allow you to do a quick tastier. As you are probably aware,
> hardly anyone producing patches makes ready-to-run kernels available.
> If you are doing *any* serious work at all you should really be recompiling
> your own kernels (or at least employing somebody who is able) to match your
> relevant configuration(s). I think you'll find it's remarkably pleasant and
> probably easier than you thought:
> To apply a patch:
> # cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.19/
> # patch -p1 < ../patch-2.4.19ctx12
> To compile a kernel:
> # make menuconfig
> # make dep
> # make modules bzImage
> Imagine the requests to patch/compile/include every-single obscure device
> driver in the quick pre-compiled download... :)
> Hope this helps,
> -Paul

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