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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 15:17:35 EDT

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 21:58:22 -0500, -= wrote
> Hello , is not the first time i write on the mail list for this problem but i got
> always this problem ..
> To make you in the context
> I got a Root server with 120 real IPS Accessible from the internet From 207.X.X.1
> To 207.X.X.120 ( eth0 to eth0:120 )
> I need each vserver to have 16 IPS so i set in one vserver:
> IPROOT="207.X.X.1 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.2 207.X.X.3 207.X.X.4"

Note that the current multipe IP support in vservers is kind of ... different.
Normally, when a service bind to a port, it does a bind (, attaching to
any possible IP of the machine.

In a vserver, bind( always bind to the first. Doing differently would slow
down things or incure more changes in the kernel. We have to find a way
to keep the performance high (100% of a normal linux, currently) and support
the same semantic.

For now, if a service needs to listen to more than one IP in a vserver, it has
to setup multiple sockets. In pratice this is not so annoying. Most services
support that. Apache for one supports multiple listen directive.

> But with this configuration some application do not work correctly
> For exemple
> -1 eggdrop can only be start on the first IP on the list and i try to start eggdrop
> on another IP the eggdrop do not start at all
> - 2 psybnc can only use the first ips on the list for vhost

I will try to replicate with eggdrop. Picking 1.6.12 right now

Jacques Gelinas <>
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