[vserver] vserver and 2.4.19

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From: Ivo De Decker (ivo_at_zeus.rug.ac.be)
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 14:58:36 EDT

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 03:55:29PM +1000, Mark Constable wrote:
> Tomas Fasth wrote:
> > I concur. And I think lot more people would discover and start using
> > vserver if we succeed to get a vserver package, perhaps in company
> > with a kernel-patch-ctx package, available on the official debian
> > distribution mirrors.

I am also using debian and I hope the debianized version will be available

> Thank you Mark Lawrence !
> FWIW and close to OT, I just tried the patch-2.4.18ctx-12 against 2.4.19
> and there are only two rejects. I've stared at one of them for an hour
> and I'm not quite comfortable enough with the code to know where to
> manually adjust the 2.4.19 kernel code. Is anyone working on this patch
> or interested in getting it to apply against a 2.4.19 kernel ?

I did try to get ctx-12 to apply against 2.4.19-rc3. You need to be carefull,
as there are some changes apart from the 2 rejects (if I'm not mistaken the
numbers for the kernel calls need to be adjusted).

Apart from that, there have been changes in the reiserfs code, when the patch
is applied, reiserfs doesn't compile anymore. The changes are related to the
immutable flags, and shouldn't be too hard to fix, but I don't use reiserfs,
so I didn't bother.

I have a patch (it was made for 2.4.19-rc3, but applies to 2.4.19 as well)
that works for me. I would rather not send it to the list, because it would be
better if someone reviewed the changes first, but if there is enough interest,
I can send it...


Ivo De Decker

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