Re: [vserver] Debian package available

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From: Tomas Fasth (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 16:50:53 EDT

Hi Mark,

Mark Lawrence wrote:
> Hello all,
> I apologise for the noise if this has already been done, but I am not
> subscribed and don't know the past history.

Your anouncement is the first I have seen. I haven't been on the list
for very long either, though. Since I use debian myself, I have been
searching for such activities and ultimately failed. I was going to
debianize vserver myself, but I'm glad you did it first :)

> I have created a debian package of the vserver utilities version 0.18 and
> included an implementation of "newvserver" based on debootstrap for a
> debian system. If people would find either of these useful then I would be
> pleased to mail them to someone, but unfortunately cannot host the package
> myself. Perhaps the official web site would be a good place?

Are you a debian developer? Perhaps not, since you don't seem to have
a natural place to host your packages. May be I can help you? I am in
the queue of becoming a developer, and I know a few that are already.
Perhaps you would like someone else with debian development experience
to review and perhaps even take active part in your packaging effort?

> Just one note on the whole /etc/init.d/* thing: For simplicity my package
> modifies /etc/init.d/rc to prepend "chbind" in front of all system scripts
> so that you don't have the mess of swapping individual init scripts which
> are possibly already customized. This probably doesn't work for you if you
> run multiple IPs in your root server...

This i don't quite understand. If you chbind the rc script (actually,
the init process itself?) isn't the rest of the processes going to
follow suit? Besides, if you want absolute control over the virtual
environments, I think you should do chbind outside their context.

> The changes I had to make to the sources were quite minor. The only place
> that I think breaks the default installation (make install 'n friends) was
> the Makefile.

Did you make any changes in the vbuild utility? The idea behind it
is great, using hard links to copy a reference root, but it's
implemented using rpm, which doesn't work well in a standard debian
installation. I haven't had time to tamper with it yet myself.

> Would anyone consider it worth the effort (but more
> importantly would they be rolled into the distribution) if I produced
> patches that meant you could build both rpms and debs from the tar.gz?

I myself would appreciate this very much.

> Just a thought because I would rather not go through this effort again
> when the next version is released :)

I concur. And I think lot more people would discover and start using
vserver if we succeed to get a vserver package, perhaps in company
with a kernel-patch-ctx package, available on the official debian
distribution mirrors.

// Tomas

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