RE: [vserver] bandmin?

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From: Cathy Sarisky (
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 20:56:51 EDT

Hi Peter,

I'm not sure if I entirely understand your answer. I have the IP used by my
main (not virtual) server set for eth0 (using linuxconf), with the IP for the
virtual server listed in the virtual server section. The result from an
ifconfig -a is that the IP for the main server is listed for eth0, and the IP
for the virtual server is listed twice. Once for eth0:0, and once for
eth0:serv (it's a virtual server named serv1...)

The iptables list has both IPs listed in the bandmin rules. I did see some
traffic logged earlier when I ssh'd to the IP of the vserver but got the main
server. (I had forgotten to correct my sshd.conf file.) With a vserver
running and connections going to the vserver properly, I don't see any traffic
being recorded by bandmin.

If you have another minute to spare for my problem, could you please explain
what you meant by pre-binding an IP?

Thanks in advance,
Cathy Sarisky

On Wednesday, July 24, 2002 5:02 PM, Peter Kwan Chan [SMTP:peterkwanchan_at_yah] wrote:
> Let me venture a guess. You don't have IP pre-binded on the main server,
> and instead rely on vserver to bind the IP for you?
> If this is the case, bandmin won't know about your IP, and thus won't
> record the traffic.
> Peter
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> Subject: [vserver] bandmin?
> I need to track bandwidth usage per vserver (which is per ip, since I'm
> not
> using the multi-ip functionality).
> I thought I'd use bandmin for this, since my dedicated server provider
> says
> that I can't use their router to track individual IPs with mrtg.
> Bandmin is doing fine with the IP assigned to the main server, but isn't
> seeing
> traffic to the vserver.
> Does someone have this working with bandmin, or some other solution?
> Thanks!
> Cathy Sarisky

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