RE: [vserver] bug in 'newserver'

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From: John Lyons (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 20:57:43 EDT

> What I am in mind right now
> global/per vserver resource limitation (file handle,
> memory, stuff in ulimit)
> disk quota
> Fixing some issues with stuff like NIS and samba oplock
> Probably in reverse order :-)

Personal preference would be the resource limitations first but as I can't
write software to save my life I have to leave these things to the pros. :-)

Just in case anyone is interested in feedback from someone using vserver in
a commercial environment we've been running 2 live host servers with 12
vservers for about 3 months after starting trials in December.

Our only scare has been this week when a site on one virtual server got
advertised in a national paper and at the same time an existing site (10gb
per month traffic) got moved from a shared hosting server onto a virtual
server. Celleron 900 servers with 512mb ram, approx 350 to 400 processes
and about 15Gb per month of data transfer. Load has been fairly level at
about 0.2 to 0.4.

The increase in traffic to the two sites which are both database intensive
has pushed the traffic for the host server over 50Gb per month and the
processes up to 450+ Loads have been rocketing to 100+ and while the speed
on the two sites has suffered I have to report that the whole system has run
faultlessly. The busiest vserver has handled 200,000+ visitors this week

The bonus of course was being able to zip and move one of the busy vservers
over to a spare hosting server to reduce the overall loads. No hassle, took
15 mins and no one even noticed :-)


John Lyons

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