Re: [vserver] apache security / Cookbook Vservers / vserver system usage

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From: Thomas Weber (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 05:51:22 EDT

On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 09:47:42AM +0200, Jon Bendtsen wrote:
> You can even do this partitioning even when you share a single ip.
> What you do is that you use a reverseproxy in apache, and run that
> server on the real ip, then you just "get" the files from the customers
> server, which could use a 10.x.y.z ip. You can even run the reverse
> proxy
> apache inside a vserver.

or squid in accelerator mode - might even improve performance a bit.

> > What OS are you running? Red Hat 7.2, SuSE 7.3, etc? Are you using
> > ReiserFS or ext3? I am trying to decide right now which filesystem is
> > safest to use with vserver... I really like ReiserFS but I thought I read
> > earlier in the mailing list archive that the unification and immutable
> > features aren't supported on Reiser. One of my associates did some testing
> > and felt that ext3 wasn't mature enough or had some problems relative to
> > Reiser.
> I'm using ext3 anywhere i can get to it. At home i have my vserver
> running
> on ext3, but i dont do unification. At work i have trouble with a
> reiserfs
> filesystem, but not my ext3 filesystems. Work is not yet running in a
> vserver.

hmm, never had reiserfs problems. I think both are fine, depends what you
wanna do.
reiserfs is probably better for
- huge directories (many entries)
- filesystems with many many files - it just won't run out of inodes, which
  is one of the main advantages for me
- disk space efficience (saves a noteable amount of disk space) - ok, not
  a big point these days.

ext3 is
- back and forward compatible with ext2
- has journaling even for file data, not only fs-metadata

> Yeah, i like them as well, though i would like to have their hotswap hd
> cases as well.

We do hotswap on 3ware with common IDE Mobile Racks/Cases - no problems so far.
Note that you need only ATA66 specified cases since the 3ware (at least the
6xxx series) only do ATA66.


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