Re: [vserver] locking problems with samba - cups

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From: James MacLean (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 19:38:57 EDT

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Jacques Gelinas wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 06:54:08 -0500, James MacLean wrote
> > > Thomas Weber wrote:
> > > > Hi there,
> > > > i've got problems running samba in a vserver. On a share that's accessible
> > > > by multiple (Windows)users I get lockups on the client side when someone
> > > > tries to access a file that's already opened by another user.
> > > > any ideas?
> >
> > Possibly totally unrelated but this past weekend I went through an
> > exercise to get CUPS running in a vserver. One big hangup was that CUPS is
> > hardcoded everywhere to talk via localhost. In cup's case, it wasn't just
> > the host 'localhost' or the ip '' but the hex coded localhost
> > '0x7f000001' everywhere :(.
> >
> > So I've been setting /etc/hosts to say that localhost is actually the
> > vserver's IP.
> Newer ctx kernel handle this -> iproot address translation on
> the fly. Which kernel were you using ?

Hi Jacques,

Actually I would have been trying it originally on a 2.4.18 + ctx-10. Now
that time has past I'm unsure exactly what led me to force the localhosts
all to local vserver IP, but I certainly remember it fixed it ;). I think
the problem was always showing itself when you used the web interface to
add a printer. It would appear to stall, and I seemed to remember it was
(according to strace maybe) to be trying to do something using
and getting an error something like permission denied.

So I thought I would just setup the obvious settings in the code to be the
local IP instead of That's when I also noticed it was hardcoded
in quite a few places in hex, and after altering them, it worked.

Now chances are you'll be able to do a default CUPS install and not have
the same problem :(. I'm currently running ctx-10 on 2.4.19-pre8, and I
could probably bring it up and see if it shows up again if you can not see
it on your end.


James B. MacLean
Department of Education 
Nova Scotia, Canada
B3M 4B2

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